Country Music

Tamworth is widely recognised as the heart of Australian country music, earning the title of the "Country Music Capital of Australia."

This vibrant music scene is anchored by the renowned Tamworth Country Music Festival, an annual event that draws tens of thousands of fans and showcases hundreds of artists. Throughout the year, the city maintains its musical pulse with numerous live music venues, pubs, and clubs offering regular country music performances. The presence of the Australian Country Music Hall of Fame and the iconic Big Golden Guitar further cements Tamworth's status as a central hub for country music aficionados.

Beyond the festival, Tamworth supports a thriving local music community, nurturing emerging talent and celebrating established artists. The town hosts various competitions and showcases that provide platforms for new artists to gain exposure and develop their careers. Educational programs, workshops, and industry events are also integral to the scene, fostering growth and innovation within the genre. Tamworth's dedication to country music extends into its cultural fabric, with a deep appreciation for the genre evident in its community events, media, and local support networks. This enduring commitment ensures that Tamworth remains a vital and dynamic epicenter for country music in Australia.