Tamworth has a rich musical heritage, epitomised by the Australian Country Music Hall of Fame.

This attraction offers a fascinating glimpse into the history of Australian country music, showcasing memorabilia, exhibits, and interactive displays that celebrate iconic artists and their contributions to the genre. Visitors can also experience the excitement of the Big Golden Guitar, a towering symbol of Tamworth's musical roots, offering photo opportunities and housing a visitor center with more music-related exhibits. The Australian Equine and Livestock Events Centre (AELEC) is another major attraction, hosting a variety of equestrian and livestock events throughout the year, from rodeos and horse shows to agricultural expos, making it a hub for enthusiasts of rural sports and activities.

Beyond its musical and equestrian attractions, Tamworth boasts a variety of natural and cultural sites. The Tamworth Regional Botanic Garden provides a peaceful retreat with beautifully landscaped gardens, walking paths, and stunning views of the Peel Valley. For families and animal lovers, the Tamworth Marsupial Park and Adventure Playground offers a chance to encounter native wildlife up close in a natural setting. History enthusiasts will appreciate the Powerhouse Motorcycle Museum, which features an impressive collection of vintage motorcycles, while the Tamworth Regional Gallery presents a diverse array of contemporary and traditional art exhibitions. These attractions, combined with the town's warm hospitality, make Tamworth a vibrant and engaging destination for visitors.